We are well into 2022 now and the people of the Philippines are still recovering from Typhoon Odette. There was a lot of flooding and damage even in places that hadn’t been impacted in the past. Many ministries worked together to assist families struggling to clean up and regain some sort of normalcy. 

In the Alae and Cagayan de Oro areas they are in higher elevations so they reached out to many families in need and also continued with the new church development. There are many dedicated people working to advance the Kingdom in spite of harsh conditions and circumstances.

In the Cotabato region the feeding programs continue to impact several displaced villages.  The displacement initially occurred because of earthquakes and landslides. Now, due to the Typhoon, there are additional villages that have been affected.  In the midst of all of this, Bridge Theological Training School students are joining with local congregations to evangelize and to help facilitate the feeding programs increasing our impact.  

in Pakistan, we are sad to report that our beloved Evangelist has passed away due to a heart attack.  His wife and son will be continuing the work of the ministry in the region. His loss has been sudden and devastating to his family, the congregation, and to Bridge Ministries.  We do not publish his name in order to protect the family and congregation.  Pakistan is still not a safe place for Christians to profess their faith so we continue to support them and encourage evangelism.

in Togo, the church is growing monthly. The progress has been very steady on the actual Burch building and we are encouraged to hear reports of the impact they are having on their village and surrounding areas.