Dear Ones,

I am Lisa Eggers, the President of Bridge Ministries, Inc.  My parents founded the missions in the Philippines and they founded churches in Ireland and Canada.  They traveled to Togo and Pakistan and established missions there. I have been supporting their works for many years. Now, with the passing of my mother, I have stepped in to run the day to day support of the works of Bridge Ministries, Inc.

My Father, Frank Tibbitts, continues to be the Vice President of Bridge Ministries, Inc. and will be assisting me as I assume roles that were previously filled by my mother. We will be updating the website to reflect current activities in the various countries where Bridge Ministries is continuing to sow seeds of life and the Light of our glorious Lord. The people of the Philippines continue to be ministered to by multiple Pastors and churches as well as by the Alae Christian School. In Pakistan, it has become impossible to hold the large gatherings in the city as we were doing. Now, the Pastors gather the people into the countryside and host meetings. In Togo, they continue to labor and build actual church structures as their congregations grow.

If you have any questions, or would like to communicate about supporting the missions, please go to the contact tab of this website and complete the email form. I would love to hear from you.



Lisa Tibbitts Eggers