In Pakistan, Bridge Ministries, Inc. Has teamed up with a Pastor and his wife in Lahore. They are reaching out to many thousands of people through a network of smaller  churches.  Their main Church building was attacked by 2 suicide bombers several years ago. They lost over 80 people in their congregation on that day. Because of the persecution and targeting, they are no longer able to meet in large numbers as they used to.

Currently, they are meeting in small groups in alleyways and small courtyards. Sometimes they can also gather out in the countryside, away from the cities to meet with other congregations. Due the the persecution, many children have been orphaned. Your prayers for this nation, and these churches are greatly appreciated.  We continue to provide food for distribution to these precious people.  There is also a great need for Bibles in the Urdu language.

We may post pictures from Pakistan, but we will continue to protect their identities to keep them safe from harm.

Pastor M. (Name withheld for safety) passed unexpectedly.  His wife and college aged son are continuing the work of the ministry.  In Pakistan, there is a growing need for the children to be fed and taught. We have received many requests for Bibles and funds to help the children learn. I am reminded of the beginning of “Sunday School” in England. That was how education for the poor began…in the House of God.