Greetings to All!

The ministries continue to grow and there are good things happening all over the world.  Unfortunately, we can often lose sight of this when we look at the news.  The world is, as the Bible said, experiencing increasing anxiety.

The good news of the gospel continues to go forth and lives are being changed in spite of the “wars and rumors of wars.”  The Kingdom is expanding in spite of the pressures of the world.

We at Bridge Ministries, Inc. want to thank each person who visits our site for your prayers, concerns, and support.  There are always needs and we realize that there are always pressures and concerns in the lives of each person who is alive.  Our focus is on bringing the gospel to as many persons as possible.  Your support is a large part of how we do what we do.

Please feel free to reach out to us with your prayer concerns or just to let us know you are supporting us and our mission works.


Lisa Tibbitts Eggers