The missions in the Philippines were founded in the 1980’s.  The original school campus and church in Alae was begun then and they both continue to thrive and grow today. Of course, with COVID 19, the schooling has had to be modified to comply with local conditions and rules. When the Tibbitts left to expand the ministry into other nations, there were over 50 affiliated churches and ministries.

There continue to be numerous churches  and ministries being served and grown up under the umbrella of Bridge Ministries, Inc. The main hubs of ministry are in the Cagayan de Oro City and Cotabato regions. Each of these areas continue to expand and serve their communities with weekly feeding programs, youth ministries, outreach services, and church services. Several of the ministries are successfully reaching out to the Muslim communities as well.

We will update with pictures and needs of each community so that you can see what the prayer needs and the physical needs of the churches are.