This message of Encouragement is the last posted by co-founder Lila Jane Tibbitts before her passing. Please enjoy this and check back each month for a new message of encouragement.

Dear Friends and Family;

Don't neglect fellowship with other Christians folks, we need their love and they need ours. Lifting others up before the throne of grace is one of the most wonderful things we can do for each other.

Things just not going just the way you think they should? Praise the Lord! Being blessed in a special way? Praise the Lord! Being spat upon and talked about? Praise the Lord, you must be doing something right for the Lord! Ha, ha!

What are your expectations from the Lord; and what are His expectations for you? Do you know? It is good to set goals, but they need to be the goals He sets for you so we can be in agreement. Sometimes we see ourselves elevated in positions we don't belong in and at other times, we place ourselves below the potential God has for us. We just need to get balanced. I see some who attempt to place themselves above the position they should be in, but mostly I see wasted potential.

Holy Spirit will bring us into balance if we will allow Him to direct our walk in the Lord. One thing I would like you to see, understand and know without a shadow of a doubt is this: Jesus loves you and you, yes you are precious to God and beautiful in His sight. Right now, let His love wash over you and straighten your thinking out. Let us shut out the world around us and settle down right now and Praise God for all the blessings He has bestowed on us.

In Jesus love,

Dr. Lila Jane Tibbitts