The year is bringing much growth in every mission field that we serve. We love to hear the good news of growth, expansion of ministry areas, and the impact that Bridge Ministries, Inc. Is having around the world. 

I’m sending out thanks to each person who contributes to the ministry. Because of your generosity, there are children being fed who would otherwise be going to bed hungry.  Because of you, there are children who are being clothed and there are children being educated. There are so many needs, but we are grateful to each of you who have a part in this ministry.

I am in the process of setting up the ability to receive credit card services in order to facilitate the donations that people have asked me for. This will make it so much easier for those who would just rather click to give rather than send a check.

The world has changed during the past few years. We are changing to accommodate these changes. Stay tuned, more changes are coming!  That can be our battle cry,

May God bless you!

Lisa Tibbitts Eggers