Greetings Friends!

Time seems to be moving quickly for some and slowly for others! Our season of life has much to do with our perceptions. There is much happening in the world at large. 

In the Philippines, they have been on another COVID-19 lockdown for the month of June with essential exceptions. The feeding of the village, which was relocated due to the earthquakes and subsequent landslides, has continued through the lockdown. We are in need of funds to continue this assistance and outreach.

In Pakistan, there is a growing need for the children to be fed and taught. We have received many requests for Bibles and funds to help the children learn. I am reminded of the beginning of “Sunday School” in England. That was how education for the poor began…in the House of God.

In Togo, there has been much rain. The congregation has been meeting in essentially a pole barn, without full protection from the elements. They’re working towards completing the church building as funds are provided.

As you can see, needs abound! The work of the Lord is still to be done. Your help, whether it be through faithful prayer or financial support, is greatly needed and appreciated.

Blessings upon you,

Lisa Tibbitts Eggers